A fifth generation working farm that through the years has cultivated food, fiber, tobacco, forestry products, and fun for the Andrews family and our neighbors both here and abroad.

As a small boy growing up here I would follow in my father’s footsteps in the freshly plowed ground. Watching the crops grow, the thunderstorms roll in and picking up birds when he and his buddies went hunting. He has taught me a lot, how to be a father, a farmer, a leader, and outdoorsman for the love of the land and the importance of passing it on. The land is truly a treasure that should be enjoyed and admired for everything God created here.

Working these fields I always longed for the cool morning and the covey of the birds in the hedge grove, or the ducks on the creek bottom, or the big buck in the low grounds. Hunting, my passion, would help me through the long days on the tractor. Hunting wasn’t about the meat or trophies I collected or the trips to other states in search of adventure, it was about friends and memories. After returning home from college I would dream of a place, my place, Drake Landing.

The people that I could meet, the children I could introduce to the outdoors, the land I could pass down to my children, and all the memories that could be made here.

Drake Landing is a work progress, we continue to grow and add activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re here to hunt duck, quail or pheasant, shoot sporting clays or archery please take time to make a memory and make a few new friends.

~Dan Andrews (Shoot’n for a living)